Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Misc last week

A few random and not so random shots from last week.Groovin' snoozin' babe. Joy was taking a late evening siesta on the couch while I was tending to Hope.
Sister time. Hope's in her own little world....but Joy looked at the camera. :o)
Holding hands again. Pardon the spit up, please...
"So, why am I in here again, Mommy?" Trip #2 to WalMart for another passport picture.
Look who came for the weekend! Yay for sisters! Joy's starting her studies early so she can one day play Scrabble with Mommy, Grandma, Auntie Lyddie and Auntie Melody.
"I love little babies in yellow sleepers." - Auntie Lyddie
Little grins from the little one.
Another face she often makes... :o)

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