Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great-Aunt Barb comes to visit

On Saturday we had a real treat - a visitor all the way from Dartmouth, NS! Great-Aunt Barb Winges!!! (Widow of the late Gordy Winges, one of Granny Cote's brothers.) Aunt Barb was in town visiting her sister, and contacted us about coming over. She has been a special friend to our family all our growing up years, and it really blessed me that she wanted to come over and meet Josh and the babies. :o)
Though she was never a Momma herself, she's great with little ones.
Notice the gold bangles on her right wrist... Aunt Barb wears one for each of her 16 or 17 nieces, and she never takes them off.
Joy was sleeping. :o) Again.
Hope warmed up to Aunt Barb as the day went on, and by evening they were real pals.
No - we don't have three girls, just two and a baby doll.
Rocking and telling tales... Aunt Barb kept Hope occupied while Lyd and I got supper on the table.
Smiles for Aunt Barb.
Who doesn't like attention?

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