Monday, January 10, 2011

Remembering Albert

Hello everyone.

Today is January 10th, and I must begin this post by wishing Angie a very Happy 26th Birthday!

Angie, you are a blessing to us, and we eagerly look forward to seeing you soon. We hope your day has been hedged with grace and filled with peace. We love you very much.

January 10th is a day many remember.

Albert went to be with Jesus two years ago this day.

I thought I would take a spin through my picture files and see what I could dig up as far as pictures of Albert. I found more than I remembered having, though less than I wish I had. Be that as it may, I will gladly post them and trust this little walk down memory lane will be a blessing to those that look through it.

I only "knew" Albert a very short time. Our first visit together began September 11, 2007 - 17 months less one day short of the day he went Home.

Our family travelled to Denver to meet the Langemann family, to facilitate the meeting of Josh and I. And that's where the pictures begin.

Enjoy folks, and please, remember. It's a very good thing to do!

September 2007:
An evening stroll up Mt. Falcon. My Dad & Albert looking out over some of Denver in the valley below.
The grandfathers of Hope & Joy.
During our visit the Langemann's participated in a yard-party college graduation celebration for one Matthew Johnson. Little did any of us us know then that Matthew would soon be joining our the Langemann brigade. Maybe Albert knew. It wouldn't surprise me. :o)
Albert was giving a tribute to Matthew, and if I remember correctly, part of it contained memories of hiking together, hence the backpack.
More of the tribute.
Christmas & New Years 2007/2008:
The Langemanns made the drive from Denver to Foremost and then on to Swift Current over Christmas and New Years.
Christmas Eve at the farm - playing group games. I think this shot is of the Frog game.
Christmas morning, opening presents.
Christmas dinner. Don't they look great together? I think that blue checkered shirt was my favourite of Albert's shirts.
Practicing on my piano for a special number at church the coming Sunday.
Christmas vacation at Lorrie's parents place in Swift Current.
Albert's patience always amazed me. I couldn't sit still long enough for a game like Monopoly, but it was something I saw him often do - always with his kids or Lorrie.
A game of Scrabble on Grandma & Grandpa's well worn board.
Wedding, May 2008:
Visiting with CO friends at the farm. Close to 100 gathered for that BBQ in Mum & Dad's backyard. (Stewart & Corinne Collin)
In the front yard welcoming another Denver dweller.
Albert lovingly put together a slide show for our wedding. The day of the rehearsal I sat down with him to go over captions.
Now, I know it's blurry, but I think this is one of my favourite pictures! It shows the gleeful side of Albert. Whatever he did, he did with all his heart! This shot of Albert was snapped during the rehearsal dinner, which he emcee'd.
Walking Josh down the aisle to the singing of "Great is Thy Faithfulness." Doesn't he look sharp in his new black suit?
The extended Langemann family.
Now that's a whole lot of love!
Looking on during the reception.
Summer 2008:
We went to Denver in July to visit Josh's family. While there, the folks in Denver hosted a yard-party wedding reception for us, as there were lots of folks in Denver who couldn't come for our wedding. Albert emcee'd the event.
September 2008:
Some of the Langemanns came to AB for the wedding of a friend. During the trip, we took a day and went to Waterton together.
We hiked up to a little lake where I proceeded to be amazed by Albert's ability to skip rocks. That is one skill I do not possess at all, but I enjoy watching others who have mastered the art.
Christmas & New Years 2008/2009:
Christmas Eve family time. Listening to Albert begin the reading of "The Hidden Hand."Amy, sitting on her Daddy's lap to open her exchange gift.
Christmas morning breakfast! Check out all the red at that table!
Here I must pause and tell of a very odd occurrence that happened in the afternoon of this Christmas Day - Lorrie came down with the flu. As turkey time drew near all of us realized we were going to have to do this without Mom, because she was upstairs, sick in bed. It was interesting to watch Albert that afternoon/evening. There he was, leading his family, as always, but it was like his right arm was cut off. I distinctly remembering working around the stove with Christy while Albert carved the turkey. Christy asked me about making the gravy, which astounded me. Lorrie always made the gravy. We did sit down and enjoyed the Christmas meal Lorrie had mostly prepared the day before, but Albert ("Dads," as I called him) was very quiet. The whole table was generally quiet. She was his queen. She still is!
Christmas morning in the living room. Listening to some of the Christmas story from the JBP translation.
Opening presents. :o) Christmas was always a very special holiday for Albert, which was very evidenced by the way he enjoyed his family and the festivities of that special holiday together.
Cutting up taffy on Andrew's birthday. (Dec 27th) Ohhhh that taffy! Lorrie was about ready to give up on it, when for a third time on the stove it still didn't seem to be cooking up right. I think Albert went in there and assured her that we could keep waiting. Eventually it worked up. :o)
Albert's birthday, December 31st. He and Lorrie watching the rest of us go through the food line.
Reading more of the captivating tale of "The Hidden Hand" to us and the Johnsons, who were there for his birthday celebration.
Bringing in the New Year around the piano.
And oh what a time of singing it was, though it must pale in light of the music Albert is now a part of in Heaven's great courts!

And so, we remember.

I wrote the following one month after Albert's home-going of January 10, 2009.

A Tribute
"There stood a man with shoulders strong,
On his face a smile, in his heart a song;
He walked with God while on this earth,
Faithful to the One who gave him new birth.
His life was blessed with love at home,
The blessings of mercy daily were shown;
His heart and hands mastered by God,
His steps ordered by Jesus on this sod.

Into his life there came a dove,
His perfect one - to cherish and to love;
Her heart arose to be his bride,
For thirty-one years they lived side by side.
No regrets now as she reflects,
Only God's hand of guidance to detect.
Their love remains though he is gone,
Forever she will be his only one.

To bear the likeness of this man,
Children were added in God's perfect plan,
Not one, not two, not three - but nine,
And more who rose to heaven's home sublime.
Now without him nine arrows live,
And fly to hit the mark their Father gives,
Not afraid for they know the heart,
Of the Keeper, their King, who sees each part.

The song of Life this man did sing,
Continues today - the song of the King;
And surely as we sing it here,
He sings it above, with Jesus so dear.
What joy to know that death brings life,
Dads is now free from times' passion and strife,
With thankful hearts we grieve this day,
As the hope of glory brightens our way."

Ps 37:23 "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way."


  1. This brought a few tears to my eyes, Erin. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank-you, Erin, for posting these wonderful photos and beautiful words. We miss Albert so much as well, and this blog brings back so many wonderful memories of such a dear friend. Love, Bernie and Karen