Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last week

The girls and I wore coordinating outfits to church on Mother's Day. We didn't get a picture before going to church, so Josh snapped a couple after church, before naptime. Dazed daughters.
Uhmmm... never mind me! I only posted this because of Hope's smile.
It was pleasant in the evening and we enjoyed a walk together with Josh.
Talkin' to Grandma on the phone.
The classic female telephone look.
My little one with pretty eyes.
It was beautiful after Mom's 'n Tot's on Tuesday so Hope played outside while I made lunch. Headed for the lawn with her lawnmower from Great-Grandpa.
Don't those eyes just say a million words?
Thanks for the nice shirt, Mumsy!
Joy's first picnic.
...and our first picnic of the season.
Sisters playing together.
That's probably the last shot I'll get of her in the bouncer... she's outgrowing it and doesn't like it too much anymore. She prefers to be on her tummy where she can pivot or roll over to orientate herself to whatever is catching her attention.
A lap full of energy.
Check out Joy's look -
{fingers drumming} "Am I ever gonna get a turn with that ducky Hope?"Super Store had plastic Easter eggs on sale for $0.20 a dozen. Hope spotted them in the store and asked for some... I thought they would be a good outlet for her imagination.
I made her a tent in our room one day when I was changing our sheets.
Joy in her very own booster seat. We put her in there at supper sometimes so she can be up with the rest of us.
Even though they didn't make the playoffs we still like 'em.
I had given Joy some measuring spoons to rattle around. I see Hope got them and Joy was after them. :o)

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