Friday, May 6, 2011

Vancouver Pt 1, Travel

After the long flight back, we plunked Joy in the stroller and headed over to baggage claim, keeping our eyes open for Josh and Hope. Joy was a little dazed. :o)
I was soooo happy to see them, and I think they were happy to see me. Hope felt heavy after packing only Joy around while we were gone.
When we parted from Josh and Hope in Calgary it was Hope who carried Joy's bear back out to the car, and we told her she could bring it back to Joy when we came back. She did. I don't know if it was her or Josh who remembered that, but when we met them in the airport there was the bear too! I think Hope missed Joy. The sisters sure were happy to see each other, that's for sure.
Interacting again.
After saying goodbye to Chloe and Lydia, our little family got in our lovely mini-van and took off for the mountains, headed for Golden. We made it in safe and sound around 11 pm that night, and got everyone settled for sleep within the hour. It was Hope's first time to sleep in a big bed without any safety rails. I found out I don't sleep well when she's sleeping in the bed next to me unprotected!!! I tended to her more times that night than I did Joy, as Hope's sleep wiggles took her too close to the edge of the bed. She woke up once in the night too, so I cuddled up to her till she settled again. At our hotel in Vancouver we asked for an extra playpen, and that worked much better. :o)
Here the girls are as I was getting them ready for the day. Hope was already dressed, but somehow decided she should try on Joy's pants too. :o) She put them on herself, which was a first.
After a full day of driving west, we arrived in Vancouver at Opa's house just before 8pm. The rest of the family had just got there too, and everyone was happy to see each other. Pictured above (l-r) is Josh's cousin, Dave Peters, Dave's Dad, Les Peters, and Opa.
Melody and Lorrie flew up for the funeral, and they were quick to get their arms around the girls again! Opa didn't exactly have any toys, and after a full day in her car seat Hope desperately wanted to "play." Empty yogurt and sour cream containers did the trick!
Zach and Sam, two of Dave's boys, played Chess with Opa. I think it was a great thing to help pass the time.
Zach and Sam again with their Aunt Ruth. Ruth and her family live in Guatemala with Les and Rita, so this was the first time I met her. We had a lovely chance to visit and get to know one another a bit after the funeral service.
Zach wanted to do something helpful, so his Mom told him to go organize the shoes. And organize them he did - in three lovely rows right in front of the door! Good thing everyone who was coming was in by then!

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