Monday, May 23, 2011

To Count His Gifts, Vol 3

Selections from gifts 129-169

Pansies ready to be planted
Worms in the moist soil
Baby laughing at big sister
Wind without fire
New project for hubby's work
Baby eyelashes in lamplight
Hubby lovin' on our girls
Morning coffee from hubby
New music from hubby
Window panes reflected in baby's eyes
Rose petals reaching out for light
Mown grass
Sidewalk to sweep
Cards written
Fresh tea
Rolls on baby knees
Gentle Sunday afternoon rain
Hubby who rises early to seek God
Smiles of gratitude
Time to take pictures
Leftovers in fridge
Toddler's inviting imaginary delights
New book to read
Warm baby on a chilly morning
Rubbermaid containers
Soft playdough
Toddler singing alphabet as she wakes

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