Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ontario Pt 3

After a rainy and foggy drive home with one stop at a Tim Horton's to feed the desperate Joy-Belle, we arrived back at the Heikoop home around 9:00 Monday evening.
They were all still up, and it felt like coming home to walk in Lizzy's door that night.
Erik chillin' in his Bumbo.
She was posing for me. :o)
Poor Chloe. She was fighting a head cold all weekend, but made it through till we got back to Liz's. Cuddling with a baby always helps. So does Tylenol. :o)
I can't believe I really took her out looking like that, but it was a foggy, rainy day the day we were to fly back and we were going to walk to the Windmill (where James works) for lunch before leaving for the airport, so I bundled Joy up.
Now that's what I call woman-power!!! :o) Oh yeah... and Erik too. He was riding comfortably in his perch beneath Katelyn.
Katy playing at the Windmill while we waited for our lunch to be ready. Smiles with Auntie Lyddie.
After a lovely lunch together, Lizzy drove us to the airport and we said our goodbyes...
Or so we thought! Thanks to the heavy rain and fog, our plane couldn't take us to Calgary that day. So, we were re-booked for a flight the next day, and thanks to Joy's cuteness we got a free taxi-ride back to Lizzy's house for another night. Liz had just made it back to the house herself when we walked in the door. God has His hand of timing in all things.
We had only been back at Liz's for a short time when Josh called to say his Oma had just passed away in Vancouver. As it all worked out, we set our plans to drive directly to Vancouver as a family starting right after arriving at the Calgary airport the next evening. Thankfully, I was able to do all our laundry at Liz's and Mom did Josh and Hope's before they left the farm to extend our 5 day wardrobe into a 10 day one. :o)
Since the rain had stopped late in the afternoon and it was now quite glorious outside James suggested going for an evening bike ride into Brampton. This is us when we got back from the bike ride. Chloe pulled James 'n Lizzy's kiddos behind her and I packed Joy in the Snuggli on my back. Lizzy and I had a great talk as we rode side-by-side down the trail that night. Thankful to the Lord for the extra time!
The pack of diapers is just in the picture for special effect! Just kidding! While at Starbucks in Brampton Katelyn, Erik, and Joy all decided to necessitate diaper changes, and since there wasn't enough diapers to go around Liz popped next door to the Shopper's Drug Mart to alleviate the dilemma.
Feeling triumphant and goofy after the great 9 mile bike ride in the dark. (okay, only half of it was in the dark...)
Happy and, that is. Joy was happy and wired after this since she slept most of the time we were out.
Ready for the airport a second time.
Beautiful Liz and her little boy. She spoke at a women's coffee hour that morning, and graciously drove us to the airport again after that. All went as planned with only a short delay at the airport this time, and we had a pleasant flight back to Calgary.
I'm so thankful to have had the time away with my sisters in Ontario. We had such a special time together, and it was a blessing to share little Joy.
It was so wonderful to be at James 'n Lizzy's. It was beautiful to see the love they share and the out-poured life they live day by day!

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  1. Finally caught up on your blog!! So fun to see all these pictures. Great job. It was so lovely to have you here - thanks for making the long trek!!! Love ya.