Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ontario Pt 2, The Wedding of Joel & Jessica

After spending Resurrection morning and midday with the Heikoops, my sisters, Joy, and I hit the road for the drive to Niagra Falls for the rehearsal dinner for the wedding of Joel Dueck and Jesisca Friesen.Some of the Dueck family and Joel & Jessica (on the rh end of the pic.)
Chloe, into a good conversation with an old friend, Peter Baehr.
Chloe with bride and groom. Sorry sis. The other picture didn't work.
The morning of the wedding, after Chloe and Lydia were finished at the ceremony rehearsal, we stopped by the Niagra Falls. As you can see, it wasn't exactly a clear sunny day, so we didn't hang around too long outside.
Still some snow build up at the base of the falls.
Chloe packed the Joy-Belle in the Snugli, and thankfully Joy fell asleep and stayed content in it during our entire time at the falls.
Check out the mist.
A bright spot broke through the mist in Miss Bri Northern!!! After much confusion between her and I as to each other's whereabouts, we eventually met up in the Welcome Center at the falls and had lunch together at Tim Horton's before heading over to the wedding.
Seated at Christ Church for the ceremony. Chloe sang a song during the ceremony, accompanied by Lydia on the piano.
Enter Miss Jessica Friesen.
Exit Mrs. Jessica Dueck! (no photography was allowed during the liturgical part of the ceremony and I was busy keeping Joy quiet anyways...)
My dear, amazing friend, Bri, and my active, adorable second born daughter after the ceremony. Bri and I worked together, prayed together, laughed and cried together back in the Chicago days. She's has a beautiful spirit of faith! Anything to make her giggle!
These were our place setting cards. Each attendee had their name attached to a flower, and the flowers were in vases by the entrance. You found the one with your name (they were organized by last name) and then sat at the table written on your card. Very creative and attractive idea!
Two of my favourite gals!
Joy was "held-ed-out" by the time late afternoon came, so I put her on her tummy on her blanket for a while and that seemed to help. :o)Joy charming Peter. :o) Peter lived and worked in Chicago the same time we did. Though we didn't work with him, he was a good friend, always spurring us on to use our gifts for God. Peter is still his honest, open-hearted self!
Time for friend pictures... oh yeah!!!
The bride and groom graciously posed with us. :o)
My dear friend Leah held Joy while I ran around for some pictures. Can't wait to hear the news of the arrival of their first son in a few weeks. Leah and I spent many happy hours together in the kitchen back in the Chicago days. So thankful for the peace of God and joy of God which exudes from her.
Kindred spirits. Love you two sisters more than I can say.
We wanted to keep the flowers alive... :o)
A bubbly farewell to the newlyweds.
A few last pictures together before it was time for everyone to drive home.

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