Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter at the Farm

While Joy and I were making memories in Ontario, Josh and Hope were making memories at the farm.
I think Granny and Hope must have been having fun in the sewing room.
Rubber band earrings. Must have been Granny's idea. :o)
Easter morning smiles. The butterfly hair barrettes are perfect for Easter life springing up from what seemed like death (butterfly coming out of cocoon.)
The outfit was a gift for Hopey's 2nd birthday from Granny & Papa. We saved it to wear for the first time on Easter morning.
Charming yellow chair. :o)
Making corn puff soup in Granny's mini tupperware dishes.
I'm guessing Hope didn't want to have her hat taken off. :o) So grateful she has an active imagination!
Out to play.
Trampoline time with Granny! Yay!!!
What are they doing?
Watching somebody fly a kite out in the field...

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