Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ontario Pt 1, At James 'n Lizzy's

After a pleasant evening flight from Calgary, Joy and I arrived in Hamilton, ON. Chloe and Lydia picked us up at the airport and took us back to the home of James and Elizabeth Heikoop, where Chloe and Lydia had been staying since Tuesday of that week. We arrived at James 'n Liz's around 12:45 am, Good Friday morning. James 'n Liz were still up, and I felt so blessed by the early morning welcome. It was sooo very special to get to visit my childhood friend in her home far away with my sisters also there to boot! Being that it was Good Friday, James had the day off, so I first met young Erik while he was being cared for by his Daddy.
Meanwhile, Auntie Lyddie scooped up the Joy-Belle and held her for me.
After James left for a day conference in Toronto, we decided to take a walk with the kiddos. Katelyn decided she should model Joy's toque for us.
Happy Kate at play.
Lyddie joined Kate in her swinging venture.
Chloe was busy pushing both of them.
Lizzy swingin' with her little gal.
Joy and Erik getting to know each other.
It amused me that Joy was constantly reaching out to touch Erik... like Hope always does with Joy at home.
Babies. Just cute!
Joy's expression just cracks me up! Erik smiled too... I just didn't quite catch it. Sorry Lizzy!
Just some size perspective. :o) Joy is 5 weeks older than Erik and about 5 pounds lighter! I love our Father's creativity. So glad we're not all the same!!!
Auntie Lyddie and Kate jammin' on the piano.
James and Liz had to go out for something one evening, so we had Katy to ourselves. Lydia set out to read bedtime stories to Katy, but it wasn't very long until Katelyn took over and was reading to us! She entertained all of us with her charming story-telling. (see video at the bottom of this post.)"Uhhh.... whatca doin' up there Auntie Chloe?"
If you look closely you'll see two trails of drool running down Chloe's arm. Thanks, Joy!Saturday morning playtime. Erik tackles his toy...
while Joy watches from across the room.
Old friends having fun with flowers.
Babies having fun with each other.
Now that's a lap full of blessings!
Happy Auntie.
OK. Explanation: We decided to take an afternoon outing to nearby Brantford. Trouble was, there was 7 of us, but only 6 seats in the car, so somebody had to sit on the divider between the seats. Chloe volunteered and this is how she took the curves. :o) ...just kidding...
Later, Kate had fun pretending to drive.
Sunday morning Lydia bathed Joy for me. Joy was quite delighted with the whole experience.
Sharing a lovely turkey dinner with the Heikoop family at the Windmill after church on Easter Sunday.
The sis's and the babes. Can't wait to see you two as mommy's someday!
The babes chillin' on the living room floor while we ate... at least they stayed there for a brief period of time. :o)
"What is that little girl doing???"
"Ahhh... feet... they're the best things to chew on. You oughtta try it, Erik." Katelyn and the little ones.
Happy Easter!!! We serve a Risen Saviour. He said "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

Enjoy listening to Kate read. If you listen carefully you'll probably hear the words "Tigger," and "Bounce" and "Owl."

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