Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hope the Entertainer

After supper the other night, Hope was quite desperate to get some piano time. She kept pointing to the piano, grunting, raising her eyebrows, and flapping her arms like she wanted to play. We took her over to the keyboard and watched her perform while we had some brownies for dessert. Hope never ceases to surprise us with the ways she finds to get the piano to make sound. Here, she gives a shot at playing by ear - literally. I still think she likes feeling the vibrations.
Once Hope saw that Momma had the camera, she put on quite the little performance indeed. Hope you enjoy the pictures that follow!
Bang, bang. Grin, grin.
"Hooray!!!" This is Hope's newest word, which also means "clap your hands!"
More Hurrays!
"Now let me see... where was I?
BWONG!!!! "Rats! - the wrong note!"
"Hmph. All that playing tires out my fingers. I think I'll chew on them to give them a break."
Notice how she has both index fingers stuck in her mouth!
"And now ladies and gentlemen, that brings me to the end of my performance. Thank you all for your kind attendance and applause. Please see that the supper dishes are washed and that the kitchen is tidied while I am nursing myself to sleep. See you next time!"

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