Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Hope

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures from Hope's first birthday.The little one has a cold right now. Hence, the first order of business on her birthday was to give her a bath, as I thought it might help her feel better and all nice for the day. Here she's all dressed and playing with her toys while waiting for me as I fix my hair. :o)
There's not too many solid foods that Hope likes just yet, but she does like to chew on waffles, so I made a fresh batch of GF waffles for brunch on her birthday. Notice the chewed grape skins spattering her bib. :o) She gums the juice out of them and then spits out the skins. I didn't teach her to do that, btw, she did it on her own! :o)
"Oh Daddy, you're the best!" - Looking at Josh.
Yum, yum! Her favourite breakfast mix: pureed home-canned peaches with fresh banana and avocado, and an acidophilus on account of her being sick with cold.
A present from Momma and Daddy. She knew what to do with it.
We didn't pose this shot - promise!
Nor this. She turns the pages as she looks at books. It's soooo cute.
Josh captured this one and we thought it was too priceless not to post. Pardon the slight blur.
This book has foam pieces you can take out and put back in. Sorta like a flip-the-flap quiet book.
"Like this Daddy!"
Something's got her fancy over there... This is her version of crawling/scooting.
Ah ha. She spots the gift bag just sitting there on the opposite side of the kitchen and decides it would be much less lonely if she was there playing with it!
After the bag ceased to entertain her she turned to more daunting feats such as the un-allowed standing up against the dishwasher stunt. I just had to capture it before pulling her away.
Hope has always loved to play with helium balloons, so we got her one just for her birthday! Here, she and Daddy interact about something...
Opening a card from Great-Granny and Grampi Cote. And no, we didn't pose this one either!
"This bow comes off first, right, Dad?"
Banana ice cream with sprinkles. Yum Yum...NOT! Like the brownie, Hope wanted nothing to do with eating her birthday dessert, though she did have fun playing with the bleeding sprinkles. She was amused by the sparkler we put in before putting it on her tray too!
Last but not least, a birthday gift from Grandma Lorrie arrives in the mail on Monday. Perfect - as it gave Hope something new to do that day. Notice the little foot resting up on the gift!
Pulling that paper back.
"Ahww?" Another water baby!!!
I think it's so cute how she goes to hold their hands and their feet. Thankfully, this one came with a sleeper. The other two need to have some clothing made for them! Notice the book in the background, which also came from the Langemann's. :o)


  1. Beautiful pics, Sis! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!!

  2. Hello beautiful baby! Precious Hope, I thrill to think of what God has in store for your little life!