Saturday, February 27, 2010

A year of Hope

Dear family and friends,

Today, February 27th, 20210, is Hope Alberta Langemann's first birthday.

In honour of her birthday I thought I would post a month-by-month look at her first year. As much as possible, the pictures that follow were taken on or within a couple days of her actual "month-birthdays." Hence, some of them are more snapshot-ish in nature. :o) Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy her.

Thank You, Father, for this babe,
A precious gift You laid in our arms;
Thank You that by night and day,
Your guardian angels keep her from harm.

Thank You for her joy and peace ,
For the beauty she adds to our home;
Thank You, Father, for her life,
For giving to us one of Your own.

Help us point her, Lord, to You,
And care for her gently, in Your name;
Guard our actions and our words,
May our home glow with Your Spirit's flame.

Let us train her faithfully,
With patience and and goodness from above;
Thank You Lord, for faith and hope,
But thank You most of all, for love.
- EBL 02/27/10

"By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for our brethren." 1 John 3:16

Hope Alberta Langemann. 90 minutes young, 4 lb 9 oz, attentive and adorable.
1 month old. First genuine smile to be captured on camera. Photo courtesy of Luke Collin Photography. (
2 months old and full of grins and animated faces. A friend in Denver crocheted this tiny sweater for her, and Hope wore it lots and lots that spring because it was one of the few things small enough to fit her.
3 months old, and definitely more content now that her birth weight had doubled. This was when she started wearing "real clothes" during the day, not just sleepers. :o) 2 1/2 - 4 months was also when she lost most of her birth hair.
4 months old - church outside and Momma forgot to bring a hat for Hope, so we used a hat we did have along. :o)
5 months old. This heirloom outfit was handmade by my Great-Grandmother Cote, and worn by my Mum and her sisters when they were little.
6 months old, sitting up with just a little support and trying out those two bottom teeth on everything! Notice her hair is starting to grow back again. :o)
7 months old. This was taken the afternoon of her baby dedication in Lethbridge. This lovely pink jumper came from my Uncle Matt in England. The sweater was hand-knit by Auntie Lydia, and the frilly socks came from Auntie Melody.
8 months old and on the loose in our new house in Spruce Grove, AB.
9 months old. This beautiful outfit came from Mom Langemann's sister, Carol. The outfit is a Switzerland original!
10 months old and trying to get around on her own.
11 months old, full of music and energy. You can see seven teeth, but she actually had 8 by then!
1 year old, freshly bathed and playing while Momma makes brunch. And yes - for all her Auntie's, I did curl her bangs, but not the rest of her hair. :o)


  1. Oh my goodness!! She is just too cute! I LOVE her hair! :D Happy birthday Hopey!

  2. wow I can't believe she's 1 years old...seems like yesterday I heard you had a beautiful baby girl...well she still is beautiful;)Blessings to our God for a beautiful bundle of joy!

  3. These pictures are so adorable!! You have made up your blog so beautifully. What a gift God has given you in your precious little girl!! I so enjoyed looking through them all.
    Love, Mrs. Fehr