Thursday, February 18, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol I

The following pictures are some of what happens in our day-to-day life around home.Hope helping Momma fold the laundry. She actually pulls the articles out of the basket and hands them to me to fold! It's great fun.
I generally can't keep up with her, but her giggles and shreaks of delight sure do make it a happier job for me.
Getting supper ready one night, she found her bib and started trying to put it on herself or something.
"Hmmm.... is this the way to do it, Momma?"
Hope discovers that she can stand up in her crib.
Not only stand, but bounce, and sway back and forth, accompanied by chirps of laughter of course.
"This is what I wold look like if I were a boy." All freshly bathed and ready for supper.
Helping pick up the toys in the nursery.
Finally - a sunny day with warmer temperatures!
Josh took a break from work and came along with us.
Gazing up at her Daddy.
I left Hope sitting in the nursery with a toy and stepped out to attend to a matter in the hallway. When I returned, this was how I found her!
Check out the d-r-o-o-l!!!
Standing up like a big girl on her chair, helping Momma bake some great GF Gingersnaps!"These things make fantastic gongs, Momma, listen....!" :o)
Drying dishes.(not really...) She found the towel much more conducive for playing peek-a-boo!

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