Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A visit from my family

This past weekend, my Dad, Mum, Lydia, and Grandma came for a visit. Lydia needed to be in Edmonton to perform on Saturday evening, and so the others came along for a visit too, which was most delightful.After brunch on Saturday, Hope shows Papa that she's figured out what to do with that John Deere tractor he gave her for Christmas.
"Say, this is fun, I can pull these off your fingers, Papa!" (see the red triangle in mid-air!)
"YAY!!! Someone to walk with me." I don't know how many times Dad and Hope went around the circle in our kitchen/living/dining area. I think he mentioned the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho in the hopes that she'd stop after 7 times!
Lots of playmates for Hope. My poor Mum, Hope still doesn't like her. We trust that patience will have it's perfect work... one day.
The expert takes time to do the shape ball with great-granddaughter Hope. (Hope already knows how to put the shapes back in, you just have to help her find the correct hole.)
Hope, hanging out with the guys as they put together new end tables for our living room. Thanks to my Grandma (Collin-Ondrik) and Josh's grandparents (Neufeld) for the money for the end tables. :o)
Dear ol' Dad, always willing to putter around on the house for us. This time he changed all the basement light switches and plates to match the ones upstairs. Thanks Dad! It's so much easier to flip on these kind when you have a babe in one arm and laundry in the other! He also fixed up the basement tub surround and installed a few cupboard locks to keep Hope away from Momma's cleaning supplies.
Lydia the gifted. She lowered herself enough to practice on my upright piano before the concert. (ha ha!)
Receiving the silver medal for Harmony 7A (Alberta) from Conservatory Canada - the highest award you can receive. Go, sis, go!
Live performance of Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66, followed by Rachmaninoff's Etude Tableaux, Op. 33, No. 2 in C Major. They were masterfully performed.
Giving it her all. (Pardon the dusky shot, it was the best the point and shoot could do, and I had Hope on my hip, as she wouldn't sit still for her Daddy.)
Gorgeous and adorable, my amazing sister and sweet daughter.
On Sunday we did an early birthday party for Hope, since all these special people were at our house. Popcorn is one of her favorite treats. Here she very gladly receives some from Auntie Lydia's hand.
Munchin' away with those eight front teeth!
"See, I know how to do this, Dad." The bow held her fascination for quite some time! :o)
"Awwhhh." Twin water babies from Great-Grandma and Great-Granny!
She catches on quick.
No birthday party is complete without sweets and candles, right? We did sing to her and she had a pink and white candle in her brownie. (sorry, no pics of that) She was amused by the candle, but she did not want to have anything to do with eating the brownie. (smart girl, refuses sugar)
However, she found it most delightfully fun to feed the brownie to Josh and I!
A Noah's ark flip-the-flap book from Granny and Papa. Hope loves those kinds of books, and is quite good at finding the flaps and opening them herself. They also gave her an adorable jacket that will fit great next winter!
A new ball from Momma and Daddy.
Monday, Papa and Hope playin' some more.
Papa and Hope walkin' some more.
Tuesday morning they had to leave, but not before Auntie Lydia had time to sit down and look at a book with Hope.

We were so blessed to have them here.

Thanks for travelling the miles and staying with us Dad and Mum. You are very special to us and we are glad for every opportunity to be with you.

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