Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Memories

Getting ready for Christmas. Josh had to make a last minute business trip just days before Christmas, so Hope and I wrapped gifts together on the Sunday afternoon he was gone to keep us from being too lonely. This box of ribbons and things kept Hope occupied for a long time!

Our tree. Trimmed with simple popcorn strings, pinecones, lights, and a few decorations.
A festive table. Soup tureen was a birthday gift from Lydia. This was the first time we used it!
Layin' some love on sweet Auntie Chloe.

Three of my cool siblings, one of whom was being very dramatic about something!
Dad and Mum (Papa and Granny) opening a specially made calendar with pictures of Hope.
"Presents. Yay! Let me at 'em." Hope kinda liked her gifts better once they were opened, rather than when she was opening them. She is fascinated by the tags on things. I'm always having to watch that she doesn't chew down too much cardboard!

Playing with her new toy from Dada and Momma.

Determined or what. She was trying to get one of the yellow shapes that was out of her reach.“You know, I’d crawl if my velvet dress and leggings didn't slip so much on this floor, Momma!”
My fam at Christmas dinner. Love these folks so much.
Hopey-Doodle checkin' out Granny's classy scarf.

Uncle Ave is so happy that Hope likes him.

After my family left, we had a couple quiet days before flying to Denver for an extended visit with Mom Langemann and the family there. Hope was a very good girl on the plane ride, and made lots of people smile.
Auntie Angie wastes no time in trying to win Hope's affection.
Hope seems quite delighted that she gets to play with a watch!

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