Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spread a little Hope around

Matthew and Christy, the happily engaged couple. May 15th here we come!!! Yay!!!
Two pigtails for Auntie-Christy's birthday party. (adorable outfit from Grandma Lorrie.)
Happy birthday Christy! Happy - oh yeah baby!
So delighted to have a little tot to hold.
"Ahhh. See, Grandma can make that noise too, Hope."
Happy 25th birthday Angie. (pardon the the smokey pic...)
"Yay!!!" Christy's most common word these days.
Time with Grandma. Notice Hope is standing up against the table with just a supporting hand from Grandma there just in case she were to topple.
Trying to keep the little acrobat on her lap.
Two beautiful Canadian gals in America, dressed in authentic garb from Scotland and Switzerland.
Helping Grandma bake, already. :o) Gotta love that American butter ya'll.
"See how far I can reach with out toppling everyone?"
Finally, Hope decides Uncle William is pretty cool, and man, is that hairbrush a fun toy!

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