Monday, February 15, 2010

A Week of Company

The Sunday after our return from Denver, Andrew and Angie (Langemann) flew up for a week of work with Josh. On Wednesday, Matthew joined our happy brigade.
The guys finding something to do while waiting to play a game together with me after Hope went to bed. Matthew talking to guess who??? Andrew, always something to do on the iphone.
CAUGHT! Okay, so Hope was being really quiet - and I'm learning when that happens it usually means she's into something. I was working at the opposite end of the kitchen, while she was happily discovering the boxes of Kleenex I had sitting on a chair at the other end of the kitchen. All on her own, she pulled a couple boxes off, proceeded to open one, and was contentedly pulling out Kleenexes when I found her.
I mentioned to Angie one day that Hope hadn't learned how to put things back yet, but that I thought she was ready to learn how to do it. So, Angie sat down with her, and in about 25 minutes Hope had it down. You see, the joy of putting things back in is that there's more to spill out when you dump it again! :o) hee hee hee.
Uncle Andrew is determined to get that Hope to crawl. He kept moving the toys to where she couldn't reach them so she would have to crawl in order to get to them.
Friday night I decided we would make homemade pizza for dinner, and since there were so many particular taste preferences, individual pizzas sounded even better. Angie and I had a ton of fun doing it for the guys. (by then Matthew had left, and Ryan Morgan took his bunk... busy week at the Langemann Lodge!)
Everyone's heard of playing piano by ear. How about playing by heel? Hope invented this herself, from the safety of her Daddy's lap. They were playing away while I was in the kitchen. Josh called me in to see this new feat. :o)

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