Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A weekend at the farm!

We were blessed to be able to spend this past weekend at the farm before flying to Denver. It was oh-so-good to see my family and fellowship with the dear believers in the south! I didn't get too many pictures at the farm, but here's a few!

Hope remembered Uncle Ave and warmed up to him right away.
He walked and walked and walked with her... he's a good height for it!
This was as close as Hope let Granny get to her, but at least it's progress. They played with these toys together for a good little bit on Sunday evening. Here Mum (Granny) is showing Hope how you blow. Mum had been blowing over the hole at the bottom of the post, and it was making a jolly sound.
Hope imitates the sound. :o)
Mum started blowing hard enough to blow Hope's hair back out of her face. Hope loved it!

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