Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A big mess and a whole lot of fun

Up for a little adventure? Sure. Why not? I mean, why make pasta by yourself when you could do it with four extra hands? Come on. :o) 
It starts out simple.
Like this.
Then it gets a rollin'...
...and then another joins in.
Flour on the hand, Joy? It's in this line of work. :o)
There she goes. And yes, that is a Play Dough rolling pin, and yes, I did wash it first. :o)
We press down hard to make the dough obey.
And then we look cute...
...and Mommy takes our picture. :o)
The dough goes through the roller until it's all thin and uniform. Then it goes through the cutter and is made into oodles of noodles. Mommy's hands were too busy for her to take pictures of that part of it though. :o)
Then, the little helpers decide to keep being little helpers, and wipe up the mess they made off the floor after Mommy sweeps it. :o)
The noodles dry in the afternoon, and then some of them get cooked for supper and the rest get put in a bag for another supper.

Thus ends this edition of pasta day at the Langemanns. :o)

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