Thursday, February 9, 2012

The joys of home

Last week we were blessed to have friends in our home several different times. I have one little helper and one eager tag-along who like to work right beside Mommy. :o)
Joy is multi-tasking - making new fingerprints to replace the ones she's sorta wiping off, you see. :o)
And then she decided it would be more fun to go around and clean Hope's window. :o)
Found my dreamer girl like this when I looked into the living room later.
Not sure if Joy was licking the bowl because of the sweet grapes inside or because of the salty Play Dough taste on the outside. :o)
Hope loves the Play Dough press Mum gave her. She can easily spend an hour creating with just it.
And while they were playing Play Dough...
...I was making buns. :o)
A Sunday-night story from Daddy.
Love how much Joy is getting into dolls. :o)
Look out Hopey - here she comes.
So glad our house has a "round-about" of sorts. Perfect for doing laps and using energy!
Little Miss Grin and some plastic lids to bang together. This was her way of consoling herself, as Mommy told her she couldn't play in the cupboard you see open behind her. :o) Joy knows she's not allowed in there, but she still tries it out every day or so, just in case Mommy should change her mind. :o) She's allowed in the other half of the cupboard, where the pots 'n pans are. :o)

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