Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So, a needle pulling thread.

Okie-dokie. :o) Somebody asked to see pictures of what I've been sewing, so here they are! 
 Doll clothes and a matching skirt for Hopey too. The jumper I made out of this material for Hope at the time of Christy's wedding should fit Joy now, so they can all be in blue.
 Hurray for lace.
 And for time to sew! It's amazing how much more time you can find in a day when your baby is walking and weaned. So fun to have little girls and their dollies to sew for.
 Or crochet. I've since turned the "skirt" into a floppy hat, which looks so cute on the doll.
 And yes, I made diapers for the dolls. Just because I thought Hope would enjoy "changing" her dollies, and I was right. Also, I needed to provide a solution for bare-bottomed dollies, as I don't like them hanging around the house like that, and the diapers they came with from the store don't stay one them. :o)
 And, just for fun, a little lacey bag for Hopey's ribbons. My Mum sends her these pieces of pretty ribbon, and Hope just loves them, but they're slippery to step on, so I made a place for them to go. The miniature wash cloth is to go with the little miniature kitchen we bought for Hope's 3rd birthday, though we haven't given it to her yet, as we want to space out the presents as activities are needed on these wintery days.
A bubble apron for Joy and a changing pad cover for the diaper bag. I changed diaper bags in the fall, and wanted a sleeve/cover for the changing pad. So thankful for leftover fabric from other projects! All I bought for the things I just sewed was the trim! :o)


  1. Such fun doll clothes! Last year I did a bunch of outfits for the three little girls' dolls. That was fun...but I can't forsee having time to do more anytime soon! :)
    Also - I love to see how you have the girls helping with everything!