Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Third Birthday, Hope

February 27, 2012, Hope Alberta Langemann turns 3!!!
Big enough to describe the wrapping on her gifts, and ask for Mommy's help with the ribbon.
Trying to figure out what Granny had given her...
...a tiny Peruvian whistle! What a great little gift!
Joy the curious.
The doll clothes were a hit!
One of several phone calls that day.
Shortly after breakfast, Hope, Joy, and I headed off for the airport to pick up Grandma Lorrie and Auntie Amy - a perfect birthday gift!!
Joy loved the birthday balloons. So did Hope. :o)
Playing a new game they came up with - put your blankets on the floor and pile toys and yourself on them! Hope pretends hers is a swimming pool or washing machine.
This was the year of stickers and activity books! YAY!
Chocolate cupcakes was what she wanted for dessert.
And she had no trouble knowing what to do with the candle. Except that after taking it out of her cupcake, she proceeded to put it in her mouth and bite off the base! I think she thought it was meant to be eaten, because she had a very surprised/confused look on her face when I quickly asked her to spit it out and not chew it!
We encouraged her to serve her guests before indulging in her own cupcake.
Joy was thrilled that they got to use their little tea cups.
A friend, Deborah, came over to join the girly celebration.
She was very charmed with the dolly diapers.
Had to put them to use right away! :o)

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