Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back at home

Returning from Chicago, we settled into life at home again. 
Hope and Amy had spent many hours creating with those beads that melt while we were away, and spent a few more hours at it after we were home. :o)
A perfect activity for patient, fine-fingered Hopey-Doodle.
Great-Grandma Collin really wanted to bless Joy-Belle with a rocking chair of her own, just like she did for Hope when Hope was younger. We ordered it from Sears and put it together after lunch one day.
As you can tell from the dopey expressions of both girls, naptime was in order. :o)
Tuesday evening we had been invited to tag along with Lorrie and Amy for dinner at the acreage with the Fehrs. The handy carpeted stairs and mobile Geoffrey Fehr (20 months old) motivated Joy to try and go down the stairs as well as up. Lorrie tried to teach her, probably just like she taught her own children on these stairs years ago, but alas, Joy didn't catch on.
She kept turning around and trying to slide down them forwards on her bottom, like she saw Geoffrey doing. Her legs are gonna have to grow a few inches before that's a possibility for her, though. :o)
More time in their rocking chairs. Cute how each has a hand on the others chair! I didn't pose them that way or anything.
Amy had the girls giggling with bubble hats in the bath their last night here.
Lorrie was sweet and let Hope play in the sink while she cleaned the bathroom for me. We had a tight turn around that day, as Lorrie and Amy left just after lunch, and my family rolled in after supper. Lorrie and Aimes were a great help with cleaning and changing the sheets before they left.
After dropping Lorrie and Amy off at the airport, we picked up Starbucks on the way home for Josh and us.  When I order peppermint tea, I now order a venti size, and this is why!!
The little squirt loves it, and knows to turn the cup until the lid is at the right spot.
Hope loves to share my tea too. :o) Such little girls and such a big cup...cracks me up!
They were showing Daddy their painted toe nails after supper. :o)

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