Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just a few pictures this time...

Guess I haven't been taking many pictures of the girls around the house lately. Oops. Part of it is, when they see me go for my camera to capture them in whatever they're doing, they all of a sudden stop what they're doing and come up to me to see the camera or capture my attention. :o) Nevertheless, here's a few shots and snippets of them at play the last week or so. 
 The prized umbrella. Ah yes, there's only one, so they must share. :o) Hope was pretending it was raining. Notice Hope's unusual outfit - bloomers and a shirt. Well, Chloe brought them new clothes she sewn for them, and Hope was so taken with the bloomers that she wanted to wear them right away. The pants Chloe had made needed to be shortened, and since I didn't have that done yet, and because I wanted to let her enjoy her new things, and because we weren't going out that day, I thought I'd let her run around in bloomers with white knit pants underneath for warmth.
 Having their evening snack on a pillow one evening while I was putting clean sheets back on the guest bed downstairs.
 Moments before this shot they were both reading books in the rocking chairs, but Joy saw me coming and tossed her book on the floor and started her slide off the rocking chair!
I was a little slow on the draw with this, and didn't catch her best conversation, but Joy was jabbering on and on with the Fisher Price telephone in the hallway while Josh and Hope were doing garbages one evening. I heard her say "Hi, hi, hi..." and then all this other exuberant jabber followed. You only hear a snippet of it here, but it was sure cute!
 Odd shot, I know. Joy was entertaining herself so cutely with this balloon, but when I went to shoot her doing it, she stopped! First, she would squat down behind it and then roll forward onto it till her tummy was centered on the balloon, and then she'd try to crawl around with it under her. Then, she took to squatting over it till she could sit on top of it, which looked quite funny indeed with her round tummy protruding ahead of her, and the cute little exasperated squeal she would give each time the balloon rolled out from underneath her had me chuckling, that's for sure.
 After naptime they played with their Curious George magnet book for a while, and then decided the magnet stickers really should make a scene on the dishwasher instead. Actually, they wanted to do them on the fridge, but knowing some magnets were bound to slip underneath in the process, I re-directed them to the dishwasher, as it's move-able and the fridge is not!
"WRrrribbit! Wrrribbit! Mommy- yhat's what a frog says!"

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