Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To the Windy City and Back

During Lorrie and Amy's recent visit to our house, Josh and I had the chance to get away for five days. We traveled to Chicago for the wedding of a dear friend, and also took a couple days to visit friends Phil and Sandy Hartzler in Goshen, IN. 
 No, that's not us inside the buggy! Phil and Sandy took us up to Shipshewana for dinner one evening, an area in which many Amish people live. This was the first of many buggy's we saw out on the highway as we were driving along.
 Dinner at the Blue Gate Restaurant. Excellent home-style food!
 A quick snap shot of the bakery/restaurant/gift shop/dinner theatre. It was raining out, so I didn't linger for other shots.
 A shot of Phil and Sandy's cute old house. You don't see window arrangements like that anymore.
 Josh and our rented wheels, ready to drive into Chicago for the wedding. We didn't know ahead of time what colour of vehicle we would be getting, but I was delighted when I saw that it was blue as I was hoping it wouldn't be white or gray! :o)
 My dear friend, Mrs. Jensen, "Grandma J," and I, before the wedding.
 A few delightful moments with the bride when she still Miss Valerie Mueller. I worked closely with her most of the years that I volunteered in Chicago, and through the many challenging situations, long hours, and rewarding projects, a beautiful friendship was developed. :o)

 Valerie was wed to  Mr. Adam Waller, whom I did have the privilege of meeting shortly before I moved away from Chicago. They started courting last September, and were wed on the 3rd of March, 2012.

 Adam led them in a spontaneous (at least it appeared that way) prayer while the soloist finished the song.
 Snapshot of me at the guestbook. I was so honoured to get to do that for the couple, and got to greet many old friends as they came through to sign the guestbook after the ceremony. Adam and Valerie had the guests sign after the ceremony, as witnesses, not just guests. Thought that was a neat idea!
 Me and my man. :o)
 Not a great shot, but it sorta shows the cake and them. :o)
 The entire bridal party (all but the flower girl were siblings of the bride and groom along with their spouses or spouses-to-be) sang a song at the reception to honour their parents. ..."We rise up and call you blessed..." - something along that line. It was well done!
 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Waller. The siblings had totally re-decorated their getaway car, giving it a new body job made out of cardboard, but it wasn't staying together too well in the Chicago breeze. However, as they were making their departure, the "real" getaway car, a limo Hummer, drove up and picked up the bride and groom and most of the bridal party, dropping the bridal party off not too far away, as you might imagine. :o)
 Sunday, after church and a visit with friends in Elgin, we popped over to the Grinvalds house. Their girls have certainly grown up since the time we were an active part of their lives, but they welcomed us just the same, and were acting themselves in a very short time after their initial quietness dissipated.
 That would be Haddie.
 Emma is quite the aspiring photographer, and she had fun snapping this and the next images with my Nikon.

 Joshua. He was 10 weeks old the last time I saw him. :o)
 And Joshua with Joshua! :o) They hit it off quite well, I think.
 Luke, the little gentleman.
 The happy brothers. :o) Fun fact - their family is currently the same as we Collin's, with three girls and then two boys. Still hoping the Lord will bless Ben and Gretel with more children... it's in His hands. :o)
  Josh and I had Monday to ourself, and after a much needed long nights rest (time change was only 2 hrs in IN and 1 hr in Chicago, but it still tired us out) we enjoyed a nice brunch together at a favourite Chicago restaurant (Egg Harbour) before heading downtown to visit the Museum of Science and Industry. We took a leisurely drive north along the shores of Lake Michigan, and then jumped onto the Chicago Skyway to cut across to the good old O'Hare International airport.
Not a great picture at all, but that was all I captured of the Chicago skyline for this time, so thought I should post it to document that I actually was there. :o)

We returned home late Monday night, to our precious family and the tidy home Lorrie and Amy had lovingly prepared for us.

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