Friday, March 23, 2012

Some things to make you smile

Here's a little look through our day today. :o) 
This is happy Hopey. A full tummy after breakfast set her to singing. 
I recorded her twice because I realized I'd missed the first word of the song on the first video. :o) This is Hope's most-sung song, with Amazing Grace being a close second. We now hear Joy singing the first few notes of "All Night, All Day" too, which makes us smile. 
I was sewing, and heard giggles at my feet. Looking down, what should I find but Hopey, bouncing lightly on top of Joy, and Joy-Belle giggling her heart out. 
I had sent Hope downstairs to get Josh for supper, and this is one of Joy's versions of calling Daddy for supper. I think she likes the echo of her voice she hears in the back porch. :o) 
Then, I paged him on the phone so Joy could "talk to him" that way. :o)

After supper was over, Joy was "helping" Josh wash the dishes. Well, actually, she was making it a rather drawn out experience as she merrily set about emptying a good portion of the container drawer, and bringing it to him piece by piece. I didn't get it in this video, but as I was getting the camera, she had been bringing him containers and saying "Daaaaaddy, Daaaaaddy!" Too cute!

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