Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home Life

Back to the blog... oh yeah... the blog. :o) 
I haven't forgotten... I just haven't remembered to take time for it. :o) 
Joy-Joy, determined to get into the sticker bag all by herself. :o)
Meanwhile, sister Hope takes a long look at the tiny stickers on the sheet she picked and tries to decide which one she will use next. :o)
Joy's into crawling into small spaces these days, or rather small containers. She fits inside this shoe-box-turned-dolly-bed just right, and Hope obliges by giving her rides. :o)
Pile on Hopey! This pic really depicts their size difference quite well. Notice the heads are about the same, and the torso's only a couple inches different, but Hope wins hands down in the legs department.
Oh yes, and shove a card over your sister's mouth while you're at it Joy... :o) Some peoples ideas of fun!
I cut these out back when I finished my other sewing projects in February, and just now had time to sew them for the girlies. Hope was confused at first because "you need to put a top on it Mommy." I had to explain that this was a real kind of apron too. :o) The aprons are for their play house downstairs, and Joy especially likes to prance around with hers on for long periods of time. I think the ties get in Hope's way for going to the bathroom, so she doesn't wear hers quite as much.
We don't let her do this every day, but sometimes it requires creative measures to get Joy to finish her food, and standing would be one of her favourite. I think she just has so much energy she doesn't like to sit. :o)
Hopey, twirling with a teddy bear.
I was tired after giving them their bath one night, so I threw a blanket on the floor in my room, pulled out some snacks and DVD, and we all relaxed while Hope's hair dried.
Always amazes me how many fingers babies can fit into their mouths!
Josh really wanted to show the girls "Mary Poppins" so we started watching it together the night before he left for a week long business trip.
We enjoyed part of it, and then stopped it so the girls could burn off some energy before bedtime. Like Hope, Joy's always concerned about being on the right page. :o)
...and then back at it with gusto, and singing too!
My Mum sent Hope these foam stars in the mail, and Hope has fun playing our own original games with them. They're great for counting, or dividing by colour and by size, or making star trains, as we were doing here.

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