Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and since

Easter weekend was sunny here, indoors as well as outside, because we had Auntie Chloe and Auntie Lyddie here for the weekend, which made all of us very happy!  My sister's got in around 1:15am, so Hope and Joy had to keep themselves occupied while waiting for the Aunties to wake up later that morning. :o)
Joy is our climber - LOVES to climb, that child, and, as you can see, she has figured out a way of getting into the big rocking chair all by herself.
 Hope needed something to do, so while Joy was off climbing, I had Hope help me do our vitamins. She did an amazing job, until she got distracted when the Aunties came upstairs. :o)
 All day the day before the Aunties came, Hope had been asking to play Play Dough, so I told her she could do it with them the next day, and then that was all she talked about after that. ;o)
 Helping Auntie Chloe swiffer the crumbs off the living room floor.
 Meanwhile, Hope was on cloud nine, helping Auntie Lydia make cinnamon buns for Daddy.
 We Collin gals grew up cutting cinnamon bun dough with a piece of floss. That was the way our Grandma did it, because the buns kept their circular shape that way.
Hope learned how to do it herself, and Auntie Lydia was gracious enough to let her do it quite a few times.

 Chloe brought un-hemmed, newly made Easter dresses for the girls, and I was trying them on the Saturday morning to mark the hems.
 I snapped a couple pictures as well as carefully marking the dresses with pins.
Resurrection morning: Auntie Chloe with her nieces in their new dresses.
 Please? :o)
 Later, Joy was goofing around with Josh. :o) She is a clown, that one.
 Monday, the little girls had a tea party with popcorn twists for a snack while Chloe, Lydia, and I tried to squeeze in a game of Scrabble.
 And that brings us up to today - Friday, April 13th. I heard the girlies in the hallway, and when I peeked out from the kitchen, this was how I found them - drinking their juice together while leaning against the linen closet. :o)
 Of course, Joy saw me, and came running. :o) No juice was spilled. :o) Phew!
 We woke up to lovely rain, which turned to Narnia-like snow right after breakfast. I'm not kidding - those snow flakes were the size of loonies! (Canadian $1 coin, a little over an inch in diameter.)
 Once again, I heard the girls on about something together, and this time when I peeked in, I saw them hiding together behind the curtain. I chuckled, snapped the shot, and then asked them to play somewhere else, so they didn't pull the curtain down on themselves. :o)
I asked them to smile for a picture, and this was what I got! :o) Love my girlies!

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