Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday and Monday

After an inspiring weekend away at the ladies retreat, we were welcomed home by the adorables. 
Sunday evening we all sat around and watched "The Hope and Joy show," completely entertained...and involved, as you'll see in the videos. 
Hope wanted us to sing along while she played. She thinks each letter on the piano (GERHARD HEINZMAN) is a different song!

 One of her self-created signs. :o) She bends her wrists up and down in a circular, rotating kind of motion, and it can mean anything from "pick me up" to "I don't want to play with that anymore."
 On the rocker, but far away in her immagination.
 Yes, Joy, we like your funny face.
 And you too, Hope. :o)
 Joy cracked us up by insisting on pulling Chloe's red laptop bag around. Joy would fit inside the thing!!!
 This is what they like to do. :o)
Playtime downstairs, Monday morning.
 Who says that piano is only meant to be played by one person at a time???
 The both know how to switch the sounds on it, and were getting at each other by constantly changing it back and forth. :o)
 After lunch, we found Hope playing the piano like this.
 I guess she must have overheard my Dad's comment about how long it was going to take for her legs to be long enough to reach the pedals. As she was playing on her little chair she said "See, this is how I use the pedals." She came up with that all on her own!
 My family left after lunch, and after naps, I took the girls downstairs for Hope's final birthday present that Dad assembled for me that morning. :o)
 They were fascinated.
 And knew just what to do with it.
 Reach farther Joy... you've almost got it!
"I need some water for cookin'."

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