Saturday, March 17, 2012

More company comes

Mum, Dad, and Chloe came up for the weekend. 
Mum, Chloe, and I were off to a ladies retreat with our church, while Dad helped Josh look after the girls at home. But we didn't need to leave till just before supper on Friday, so that left plenty of time for play earlier in the day. 
The door to the linen closet was open, and Joy helped herself to the TP stored there. Chloe came along and quickly made a game out of it with the little squirt.
Quite pleased with the results of the crumbling tower. :o)
And then they would build it again...
ROTFL!!! Leave it to Joy to try and reach the very top of the tower. :o)
And crash it again...and again, and again!
Meanwhile, Hope had Granny occupied downstairs with a game of "bath the babies and blow the bubbles everywhere!" Thank goodness it was all pretend!
A cherished moment, especially when the child asks "Granny, can you cuddle me in the rocking chair wiff a blanket?"
Joy liked Chloe, because she was wearing all those fun bracelets!
So dramatic. :o)

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