Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little bit of Valentines

February 14th. It came again. :o) Yay! :o)
While waiting for some little friends to arrive for playtime and lunch on the day before Valentines Day, I let the girls into their package Granny sent up for them in the mail.
The assortment of heart stickers, cut outs and foam shapes kept them busy for a nice little bit.
Joy is mastering the art of doing stickers "all by herself."
Lydia (Kumpolt) and Hope play with the train, up and away from the twins and Joy. Hope had to show Lydia how it worked at first...
The 2 year olds woke up from their naps before the littler ones, so I thought Play Dough would be in order. Can't believe I didn't get any pictures at all of the Kumpolt twins and Joy... oh well. Guess I was busy!
A rare after breakfast playtime in their pajamas.... things just happened differently that morning, and I had to dress them after breakfast instead of before. "Let's make a train, Joy!"
Valentines Day fell on Moms 'n Tots day, and I couldn't resist dressing the girls up in pink, girly stuff for the occasion. :o)
But to try and get a "good pose" of them together - FORGET IT!
Twirl time after we got home.
Twirls turned into chasing her shadow around in a circle, but hey - it was cute.
Ahh, baby Joy, must you sit that way in the rocking chair? 
I guess so. :o)
"Rocking, rocking..." this really is a gentle game, not dangerous at all... when Hope's the one pushing. :o)
She just loves to make her little sister happy.
Girl stuff.
We love to laugh!!!
The day after Valentines brought more little friends to our house for playtime and lunch, but this time I failed to get a picture of their oldest girl, and just got Hope with baby Khaira. (Mosher)
Khaira was fussing, so I told Hope she should go make her happy. And she did. And it worked!
The trusting eyes of a child...
Joy the hungry. Little squirt would have eaten an entire chicken thigh at dinner that night if we let her, which we didn't, cause I thought that was too much for her small tummy!
No chicken for this one. :o) But she sleeps better than Joy even if she doesn't eat protein. :o) Different kid.

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