Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Days at Home

This is just more of our little darlings, and how we play and work at home. :o)
As for Joy, sitting = boring for the most part, so she stands. :o) On anything. :o) I occasionally hear these desperate squeaks coming from that corner when she realizes she has stood on the table long enough and needs help getting down. What she needs is to learn not to climb up, but I guess it's me that needs to teach her that, so... there we go. :o)
Hope enjoys this activity much more when Joy isn't walking around trying to break the train track or take the train from Hopey. :o)
Little smartie waltzed into the kitchen like this on her own one morning after breakfast. :o)
At the same time, this is what Hopey chose to do to occupy herself. :o)
Joy with her prize - a roll of TP she had toted all the way up the stairs by herself. She was quite insistent that I not take it from her, placing it down many times as needed to climb onto the next step and then pick it up again in her very big-girl way. :o)
Thought she'd put it in the basket with the rest of Mommy's....
...and then try and carry the basket down the hallway herself, which proved to be something she couldn't do due to the weight/size of the basket.
I "kindly" reached down to pick up the basket, but she pulled it from me and snatched "her roll" up to carry it off and put it away by herself! She amazes me. :o)
This could be trouble, Joy. Life on the edge, that's where she likes to live it. It's the best way to jump into the adventure with both feet! LOL.
"But buttons - they're the best things ever, Mom!" Haha. These ones don't work because we don't use the dishwasher or keep it plugged in. :o)
"Iiiiiii want to fold yis one, Mom."
Taking over for me, Hope was flapping one of Daddy's undershirts up and down making it "windy" for Joy, like I had just been doing for both of them.
Oh what fun can be had with laundry!!!

Hope folded and stacked all those washcloths by herself! She really is a bonified helper! What a blessing.
Friday night playtime with friend Micah, at his house, while we watched the old movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and had a laughing good time!!!

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