Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family time

After a busy weekend at the conference, Mum, Chloe, and Avery decided to hang around at home with us Sunday afternoon and evening. Only Luke went for the last concert. :o) 
Mum bathed the girls for me, as my neck was still feeling fragile. Afterward, Joy was remarkably still for a little bit, plopped on Chloe's lap with a bowl of popcorn and her little container of baby powder, of which she is very possessive. (It was one of her Christmas gifts and she seems to remember...)
Being that Joy-Belle wasn't on the loose, Mum and Hope set about a matching game with the Rummikub tiles. Hope's dolly, of course, had to help. :o)
The matching game soon turned to a mixing game, and those tiles do make such a merry sound in metal bowls.
Granny and the dolly got a little over-excited about it...
..the dolly doing such antics as throwing herself into the bowl and mixing the tiles with her head, which sent everyone into peals of hilarious laughter, the kind that's the best when you're overtired. :o)
After getting snugged into her jammies, Hope wanted to watch Papa, who was playing a game on the computer.
Hopey loves her Papa. :o)
Papa put the game away after a little bit and read Hopey a bedtime story.
Sniff. So sweet.
Random shots of what people found to do the next morning. That's Avery behind there. :o) He was trying to beat the ipad at Battleship. I don't know if he was successful or not. Every time I asked he said he was still trying. :o)
Meanwhile, Luke graced us with some heartfelt tones on the ivories.
Chloe made time to give Josh a quick haircut before meeting a friend for coffee at 10:00.
Play Dough with Granny. This made Hope very happy indeed.
Little one with such big thoughts.
Joy was just waking up from a nap when Mum & Dad were heading out the door, and being that Joy was in such a snuggly mood, I took advantage of it. :o)
And Hopey joined me. :o) She just can't wait for the day she will get to be a big sister again, when Mommy will have a baby that is little enough for her to hold. :o)
Later that evening, we called and visited with Auntie Lydia on the phone, because she missed out being able to come up with the rest of them.
We were talking about progress on her new lullaby CD, so I asked her to play one of the arrangements for me over the phone. One song led to another, till she ended up playing and singing all sorts of lovely little songs and lullabies to Hope over the phone.
Joy heard the music take on a happier, quicker tone with one song, and immediately started waving her hands to the music. :o) It was a jolly way to pass the evening hour before bedtime for the girls. :o)

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