Sunday, July 13, 2014

October, Pt 2 A time of gladness

We got back from Swift Current late Monday night. It was determined that Amy and I would travel to Lethbridge on Thursday with the children, and the guys would follow on Friday. 
This little man was awfully quiet somewhere in the house... but no harm was done. :o) And it kept him busy for a few minutes, and I had to re-pack that diaper bag anyways. 

We arrived at Chloe's house in Lethbridge in good time on Thursday, and ran a couple errands on the way over to her place. She had a couple friends already in town for the wedding who were enjoying her hospitality and helping out with a couple wedding related projects too. Why are alterations always some of the last things to be done? I don't know. However, my bridesmaid dress definitely fit me better after Chloe took up the shoulders for me. :o) Thanks, sis. 

Reid rolled in Thursday evening, and joined everyone at the house for a spaghetti dinner. I couldn't stay to see all the friends who came as the evening went on, but it was sweet to visit with the few who made it before it was time for me to find our accommodations with Amy and put the children to bed.

Friday, we spent most of the day in-and-out of Chloe's. Enough time to bring the playpen and put the little man down for a nap while we did last minute things and got ready for the wedding rehearsal. 
Later in the afternoon, we gave the bride and groom their wedding gift, which was from a bunch of us and we wanted them to have in-hand for their honeymoon. :o) The SLR camera was well received indeed.

Chloe and Reid had done seating assignments for the wedding, so Hope and Joy were "helping" Auntie Lyddie put together the poster with the seating layout on it.

Everyone made it to the rehearsal in good time, where we met up with Josh, who had arrived from Edmonton and was practicing with the worship team, comprised of Chloe's friends from all over Lethbridge and beyond. It was a pretty special group.

Lydia's dear friend Betsy was among those who travelled up for the wedding from the States. She stayed with the girls and was such a help and ever-available "level head" in the days before the wedding.

The bride, with landlords Bryan and Ann Norford. Bryan gave the charge to the couple the next day.
Andrew, making himself useful, helping Luke with some chairs.

Kendra Funston and Christy Lawrence did a great job of the flowers.

A whole lot of beauty right there, folks! :o)
Avery took it upon himself to contain and entertain Philip. Such a nice help. :o)
Mother of the groom herself. :o)
The photographers arrived, aka, Luke's girlfriend and her sister, Pilar and Chenoa Casamayor of Calgary.
Discussing logistics or whatever with the pastor of the church.
There's my two guys!

Monica Fehr, one of the six flower girls. (Reid's four nieces and our two girls.)

Six cuties, all in a row.

So completely cute, bashfulness and all.

Old buddies, playing together. (Okay, so they're not old... just great friends from our time living in Lethbridge.)
Yup. My Dad givin' away a second daughter.

Lisa Fehr, Reid's older sister. :o) She did a Scripture reading.

Breakfast at Chloe's house the morning of the wedding. We're not sure exactly how many chocolate dipped strawberries Joy ate with her breakfast, but it was a lot.
And.... when you're a bridesmaid, you don't exactly take pictures during the ceremony. I passed my iPhone to a friend, and she grabbed these couple shots for me.
For amazing pictures, see the website of the photographers:

The Collin clan that gathered at the wedding.
A whole lot of cuteness right there.

My reception salvation - Lorrie and her girls! Oh my, what would I have done with all our kids if they weren't there? Found out it's hard to be a bridesmaid and a Mom of little ones at the same time. :) Unless you have help. :)
Time for stories.
Good old shoe game. As hilarious as ever.

And, more stories.

Thanksgiving dinner at the farm the next day.

Walk down memory lane, (ie, the gravel road) with friends from our Chicago days.
Thought of this last second - getting a picture of the girls with both their Grandmothers. :) 

We hung around for a day or two, to soak up time with grandparents. :) 

And that, as captured by my iPhone, was Chloe's wedding weekend.

The "real" wedding photographers did give me a bunch of their pictures, so I may pop them up in another separate post here in the days to follow. If not, at least there is some record of the wondrous event here on my blog. :o)

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