Monday, April 14, 2014

October, Pt 1 A Time to say goodbye

The first week of our October was spent quietly at home. Word was that Lorrie's Dad would soon be leaving us, and going home to glory, so while we enjoyed the last of the autumn sunshine, we did so with quiet hearts.  

Grandpa Neufeld passed away the weekend before my sister was to be wed, and so preparations were made for an immediate trip to Swift Current for the celebration of his life. Lorrie and her unmarried children were all able to come as well, and while there was sorrow felt by all as Grandpa was not there with us, there was joy in our hearts for the opportunity to be together, and in the knowledge that Grandpa was having the best time of all, up in Glory!

We spent Sunday together as a family at Grandma's house, having a wonderful time of prayer, singing, and sharing together, as well as time to enjoy walks and meals outdoors. During our time of sharing, it was meaningful to hear of the visit of angels or heavenly beings that Grandpa had just prior to his death. As re-told to us by his son-in-law, Rob Schroeder, was with him at the time, Grandpa from his hospital bed looked up and said something along the lines of, "Ohhhh, wow!" Motioning with his hand to the space between him and the ceiling, he alluded to a vision he was seeing that sounded completely heavenly in every way. Rob couldn't see it, but he sure knew Grandpa was seeing something. What a gift that was to Grandpa, and to all of us.

Josh and I were able to accompany his brothers on some special music for the ceremony. It was special to see Josh up there with some of his brothers. Joe couldn't be with the family at that time, as Rachel was nearing the time of giving birth to their first baby, and travel to Canada was out of the question.

Some gracious friends of Grandma and Grandpa's, opened their home for us to stay in, which was a real blessing.

The family met for a meaningful graveside service prior to the funeral at the church. The grandsons served as pallbearers, and the sight is one I will not soon forget.

It is so hard to pick which pictures to post from gatherings such as this one. However, capturing those who remain, who were together on this special day, seems to have significance.

Between the internment and the service, the family met at a hotel for a meal. The children did well, all things considered. It was a real blessing to have the extra hands of Auntie's available to help.

This was a special moment. Grandpa Neufeld sang for many years with this group, the King's Servants. The group, led by Grandpa's older brother, did a few numbers at the service.

I will always remember Grandpa Neufeld as a man of faith. His life was one of prayer and contentment. He always had a joyful word to get everybody smiling, and his tongue was quick to speak of the Lord and speak His word into the lives of everyone around him.

We had to hit the road for home immediately following the service, so as to keep work commitments and do a fast turn around in order to be ready to leave a couple days later for Chloe's wedding. Andrew and Amy accompanied us home. Andrew, to work with Josh, and Amy, to help me. The iPad came in handy to entertain little children on the way home when it was dark in the van. :o)

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