Monday, July 29, 2013

In between days

Philip, he is such a gift to all of us. 
He brings each of us so much joy. 
The girls love making him smile.
And he loves smiling at them. :o)
His first ball. :o)
And a cloth storybook - perfect, since his love-language is chewing...just kidding! :o)
He is getting to be so good at sitting, too.
First parsley of the season.
A perfect task for busy little hands.
The remains of his potato. :o) 
Practicing his sitting...
He does best with something behind him, as when he gets excited he shakes right from his core, and the "sit" doesn't always survive that.
Looking at playmate Joy...
..."You want the tea cup, Philip?"
"Catch it!"
Chicken noodle soup, crackers, and cheese, perfect for a cool day when Momma didn't have any other ideas for lunch.
He liked this toy, and had those blocks unstacked in no time! :o)
Somebody loves somebody!
And yes, those are long sleeves, and yes it it summer here. Just not a very warm one. :o)
Catching a shot of the row of irises all in bloom.
He loves that blue teacup, that boy!
I think he looks so grown up in his yellow sport-type-sweater from Grandma Lorrie. :o) He's almost grown out of it now, though! (these shots are over a month
I had just re-filled the honey container. I didn't have to ask them twice about licking off the spoons. 
Growing up and getting bigger, these girls of mine.

Joy is still our "hold me" child, and delights in any tickling, wrestling, and chasing.

Hope is still our thoughtful child, and can talk as fast as she can think.

 One morning recently, upon helping her get dressed in the morning she looked at me and said, "Momma, I'm thankful for you." Ah!!! That totally made my day. We have talked about what it means to be grateful and thankful, but the girls haven't really "got it" until recently. It blesses me so much to hear them voluntarily share or pray the things they are thankful for. :o)

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