Monday, August 13, 2012

...To build us a deck

With the deck being demolished and a virtual mud hole right outside our back door due to all the rain that fell Joe's first week here, it was necessary to occupy the children indoors. 
We pulled out the Play Dough a few times, and when Joy played with it, but that wasn't all she did. :o) She came up with her own little delight, by fitting herself into the Play Dough tub.
And she was quite happy with herself about it too. :o)
Making "cookies."
A new colour - blue. Fun. :o) .
Notice the blue dot on her head, and blue around her mouth... still hasn't been convinced that Play Dough really isn't for eating. :o)
Happy Hopey. See her handprints on the window behind her? She loved standing on the chair and watching Uncle Joe through the window.

Deck gone. Some landscape fabric laid, and the first framing boards in place

Texting someone at the end of the work day.... :o)
A very pooped Joy-Belle, hanging out on the futon for a few minutes before bedtime.
She arranged herself like this - pillow underneath, and looked as comfy as can be.
Now that looks like progress, eh? :o)
Joe helping out with evening dishes, with Joy by his side.
They were a good pair. :o) 

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