Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Travel home - Vacation Pt 5

One thing I especially wanted to do on vacation was take the kids swimming in a real pool to see how Joy would do with that environment, so as to decide whether I should look into swimming lessons for one or both of them this summer. 
 So, after a late night arrival in Kamloops, we slept, snacked, had some pool time, and then Josh ordered us breakfast in our room before hitting the road for Alberta. Joy enjoyed the hot tub with Daddy, while Hope liked the kiddie pool with Mommy. And that was pretty much that.
 It worked out great - Josh and I each ordered eggs and meat with a pancake on the side instead of toast. The girls each ate a pancake, I enjoyed most of my scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit (that which didn't hit the floor in an unfortunate movement of Joy's that could have ended a lot worse) and Josh enjoyed his omelette and fried potatoes.
 We packed up and made it out just in time to meet the check-out time.
 The girls thought they should get to ride on the trolley, but Daddy didn't think that was such a good idea. Hopey had fun handing Daddy some things to put on it, though. :o)
 Mount Robson, snow covered as usual.
 One more highlight awaited us on our trip - seeing a bear by the side of the road in Jasper National Park.
 Daddy quickly took Hope out of her carseat to show her the bear. Joy was not so happy about this, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 
 Right before our very eyes, and just as I was snapping this picture from my seat in the van, a second bear wandered out of the forest and joined the other one in the meadow. 
 It was a great site to see. :o) 
 Photos never capture the grandeur of majestic mountains God created, but I took pictures anyways.
 This natural zig-zagging tree line caught my eye more than once. Amazing.
 More wildlife was out enjoying the evening sunshine. :o)
 Pretty cool to watch this guy waltz over the mountain ridges without missing a step.
 I think he knew he was being photographed - because he stood there for ever so long. :o)
 A few hours from home, I pulled out one last surprise to entertain the girls - some little hand clappers I picked up from the dollar store.
They had fun with them, we tucked them into their jammies in Edson, and arrived home around 11:00/11:30 that night.

It was special to be able to get away together as a family, and I'm thankful to the Lord for His provision for us to do it - both of time and resources. :o)

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