Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Creativity and Play

This year, Hope made her own Thank-You cards for her birthday presents. 
 It was a project that took about ten days,
 and she loved it!
 This year, as she is printing very well, I decided to write the words lightly in pencil inside the card and have her trace them.
 She loves decorating things with flowers, and Mum gave her some for her birthday (the fabric and brad ones you see above.) The other flowers were created by tracing ovals and circles, colouring them in, cutting them out, and taping them onto the cards. It was a wonderful project to do with her. :o)
 Finally, with all of us done with the flu, we were able to bring one of the girls' little friends over for a playdate.
 Rachel Malea is 6, and if I can't find my girls after church on a Sunday, I just look for Rachel, and they're usually with her. She has two older and two younger brothers, and will be a new big sister again in the summer. The Curious George books were a hit with all the girls.
 And I had fun making them a tea party lunch.
 Finishing up her food and casting a look across the room to see what Joy and Rachel Malea were up to.
 This is what she saw.
 Joy likes taking apart the double wheels on the tractor, as well as any other pieces that can come off. :o)
Hopey, working on the stone that the angel rolled away from the tomb for our Easter poster, but more on that in the next post. :o)

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