Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oops, I missed a few!

It's funny, when I was doing that blog post with pictures from Mum and Chloe's visit, I was sure I had taken some more, but didn't think to double check that I had actually taken all the pictures off my SD card before blogging. And wouldn't you know it - I had missed a few! So here they are...
 Look #1.
 Look #2.
Can you tell the difference?
Yup - a little bit of history was made - my third born child had his first hair cut. His second born sister has yet to have her first hair cut, and she's 2! So there you go. :o)
Philip was sporting a little comb-over, and I figured it was time for it to go. :o) He has fine and quick growing hair like Hopey. :o) And Joy loves her curly hair, as do I, and it's all happy. :o)
A story on Auntie Chloe's lap, actually, I think she got about ten stories read to her in that sitting, as you can see from the pile of books beside Chloe. :o)
 A keeper. :o) I don't know who of these lassies was happier about their pictured circumstance... :o) Definitely a win-win arrangement. :o)
 Ah yes - second borns! They're the life of the party!!!
 Granny and the thumb-sucking grandson. :o)

 And this was what our yard looked like as Mom and Chloe were about to leave and drive back to Lethbridge/Foremost. The weekend they were here we had our second snow storm in two weeks, and we got probably a good foot of snow while they were here.
 It was a blessing that the roads weren't dangerous by the time they needed to leave.
It was also a huge blessing to have another couple sets of hands to help with the shoveling  as we were watching a friends' house at this time too, and so we had the shoveling at our place and theirs. And when it snows non-stop for 3 days, that's a lot of snow to remove!

I just love the beauty of the snow. How great is our God!!!

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