Friday, November 1, 2013

The End of August

No, this is not a passport photo - this was just his first haircut with the black cape, and his first haircut using the clippers. It was his fourth or fifth actual hair cut - this boy has hair, let me tell you! The clippers seemed better in the end than the scissors, mostly because they were quicker - get it over with sooner! It also helped a lot to have Josh hold him! 
  Man, I love that little boy!
 And his Daddy. :o)
 Saturday finances has become a bit more relaxed and interactive since we got the receipt scanner, because Hope is very good at running it, and Joy is learning. I'm happy it is something they can do together with their Daddy! :o)
 Up on all fours, not quite crawling yet. Him and his four little teeth. :o)
 Taking advantage of the end of the summer, with a few last picnics on the lawn. Hope had picked her own outfit that day, and we had gone for a nice long walk/trike ride together. :o)
 Ho-ho - a stuck son! :o)
 My Mum gave each of the girls some flower seeds for Christmas last year, and these were some of Joy's mini-sunflowers. :o) We will definitely be growing those again. :o)
 A visitor - Josh's Aunt Rita from Guatemala was in the area, and stopped by for dinner and a visit.
 It was a gorgeous evening, so we ate outside.
 Johnny, her adopted son, was able to accompany her, and he had the girls laughing and running up and down the deck while we did dishes - it was great!!!! I am guessing it was Joy's idea that Johnny wear her sunglasses. :o) Who knows? :o)

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