Monday, November 14, 2011

The girls at home

Life at home these days is full of new discoveries for Joy, who seems to be skipping the "feed me" stage, and moving on to the "feed myself" stage. At least... she'd like it if we let it be that way, but we don't for everything!
She's figured out how to hold her cup and can drain it of its contents all on her own.
Hmm... what must she be thinking?
:o) Hope got to "help Daddy" one night after supper. They were installing some cupboard locks on my bathroom cabinets, as Joy is a curious and mobile child and I'm not always with her. :o)
Colouring, colouring! Hope loves it.
And Joy too. Strange as it may seem, I let Joy have pencil crayons and I let Hope have regular crayons. I figure the pencil crayons are less edible, and Joy has already figured out how to draw with them too.
Love her soft, kissable cheeks!
She comes up with these new faces on her own. :o)
"Ahhh dah dah dahhhh." I think she likes hearing her own echo. :o)
Who's gonna win?
Hope did, with a little intervention from Mommy. Even though the bowl was empty, it had had a snack in it I'd given Hope to share with Joy. :o)
Another play date with Reba and Summer.
Joy had fun helping Summer move in the walker. :o)
L-o-v-e the drool Joy!
Ho ho - a new person to read to Hope! Doodle-Bug was thrilled, and a little shy. She knows almost all of those nursery rhymes, and will say them with/for me, but not for Reba!
Methinks Hope will become more of a snacker with Joy around. :o)
In her glory - holding 5 week old Bennett Ardron. She apparently told big sister Breanna that Bennett needed another blanket on him, pointing to her pink dolly blankie that you see on top of him in this picture. :o)
New friends. Hope and Joshua Dyck tackle the shape ball.
Hello Hope.
Finding that boring, Hope moved on to other things and Joy quickly took her place. Joy has figured out how to turn the shapes the right way and can put them in if you turn it to the right hole for her.
Reading books on the couch with Katelyn seemed much more pleasant to Hope.
"Mommy - yook! (look) I made it y-onger (longer)."

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