Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quiet days at home

It seems a little odd to do a post of pictures of life in Spruce Grove when we've been in Denver for a week already. :o) Be that as it may, this is what the girls were up to before we left. Cheese sticks - Joy loves 'em.
For the most part, that is. :o) Apparently that piece was too big, so she spit it out.
Sometimes this just works the best... :o) Joy's a funny one when it comes to eating off a spoon.
The girls have loved playing with their Fisher Price nativity Grandma (Lorrie) gave them last Christmas. I asked Hope to tidy up the nativity one night, as most of the pieces were scattered all over the floor. This was the way she "put it away" - people lined up along the side, animals in a row in the front, and baby Jesus in the manger by Himself. :o) Made me smile.
And this would be Joy - not enough to have both hands full, gotta have something in the mouth too. What a kid!
Hope loves my pots and pans, and Joy is starting to like to play with them too.
Hmmm.... maybe she'll like meat. She sure liked chewing on the chicken bone.
Hopey showing off a video or picutre of herself playing piano that Daddy took on his iphone.
She loves it when Daddy lets her have his iphone. :o)
After a bath Saturday morning, Hope sat and played with the alphabet puzzle for over an hour. Josh and I played with her for a while, but then we went off to do the things we needed to do and she stayed there and made new configurations of the letters on her own, placing all 26 letters in their proper places. Cute little one. Typical Joy - the foot is almost always moving. :o) Even when she nurses, she swings her feet merrily. :o)
And a wee bit of Christmas cheer in our home.
Angels in the china cabinet.
Lighted garland on top of the piano with stars hanging from the ceiling in front of the Christmas quilt.
A new combination Hopey and I put together. Some sparkly red berries underneath a white pine cone in a rose bowl. We did two of them, and one sits on each end table in the living room.
Angel trio adorns the center of the table.
Kitchen window. The morning sunlight throws little rainbows on the wall when penetrating the glass ornament. So pretty.
Not only has Hopey gotten tall enough to climb up onto the piano bench herself, but Joy is now tall enough to reach the piano keys when standing on the floor. She has to stretch onto her tip toes, but she can do it.
Little miss laughter.
"Here Joy, yike dis." (like this)
Grown into these warm jammies Hope used to wear. :o)

Joy feeding herself pancakes. Laughed at how she said "ummmmm" when she put them in her mouth.

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