Thursday, December 8, 2011

Colorado Pt 5, Snow days

It was Thursday. A plain old Thursday. A delight-filled Thursday.
Almost everyone was home, and the snowy weather outside made those who weren't home want to be home.
And so... it was a day for tea.
Happy with herself.
And a day for baking cookies - Christmas cookies.
Grandma's stash of cookie cutters delighted this two-year old!
Literally into it up to her elbows!
Hopey's first taste of cookie dough. She loves gingerbread. "Mommy, I yike to eat some moooorre," she told me.
Picture perfect.While we in the house were creating some winter beauty, the snow outside was busy creating a beauty all her own too. :o)
See the big, beautiful flakes?
'Twas a wonderful day to be indoors and do Christmas things.
But we did convince Joe and William to go over to Costco and get a recliner Mom saw on a good price there.
Tryin' it out. :o)
The next day, the sun came out, and so out went Hope.
Very happy to be out with Amy.
"See Mommy?"
It really was warm enough to be out without a hat! The snow was perfect for fort building, which is what they were doing. :o)
Slowly. But they were doing it - together all the way!
The guys all duded up for an outdoor Christmas singing gig at a flower shop. (as part of the group, Bold Reflections.)
Lorrie went digging in the attic and found this old Fisher Price wagon her kids used to play with.
Our kids loved it!! Sadly, they had a bit of a hard time sharing it, but the aunts and uncles were good to encourage them towards fairness and kindness. :o)
An evening treat - popcorn and a Winnie the Pooh video watched on YouTube on Grandma's computer. :o) We devoured this bowl in about 20 minutes, and Lorrie no sooner came to take away the bowl to pop another batch then Joy started earnestly signing for "more, more!" That kid loves popcorn!!! I told Mom she was very kind to let us enjoy that in her carpeted living room! :o)

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