Friday, December 9, 2011

Colorado Pt 6, While Daddy's away, the children do play

Saturday morning, Albert (and his Mommy and Daddy) came over for brunch at Grandma's house, as they normally do on Saturday mornings.
The tots were done in no time flat and wanted to wander off to something more interesting than the dining room table, so Auntie Mello took them into the music room and the fun yellow tepee to keep them occupied while the rest of us finished brunch and visited at our leisure.
Then, it was time to decorate those gingerbread cookies. Hope did help a little, but mostly found watching to be the thing she liked.
It was kinda cold on Saturday, but Angie offered to take Hope out to the backyard while the others were sledding, so I bundled her up in an extra sweater underneath her coat and out she went again. :o)
Hugs for cousin Albert after coming in from outside with her cold cheeks.
After the others returned from their sledding party, decorations were added to the finally lit tree that Melody worked on with multiple brothers throughout the day.
Joy-Belle loves the piano, like her sister Hope. It was right after this picture that she "walked" for what we called the first time. Angie put her down and she started out across the hallway, fell, stood herself up, and walked some more until she stumbled on the hallway mat and fell backwards, which got her rather upset. However, it was a good 20 steps she took, and from then on we saw her trying to walk almost everywhere.
Don't know who was amusing her... I think she'd just said her traditional "BOO" to someone. :o)
Quiet cuddles on Grandma's shoulder while listening to Bold Reflections do a Christmas concert at a Seniors home on Sunday evening.
Uncle Joe whisked her up afterwards to take her around and greet the seniors. Hope got pretty shy and tucked her head into his shoulder, but at least it was a little person for them to see. :o)
Yay for more time with cousin Albert. Christy came over for a haircut on Monday, since Lorrie and I were "in the business." I think we did 6 cuts that day. :o)
Peppermint tea and Play Dough. Great combination. All told, I do believe Hope played Play Dough for two hours straight that time.

And... a few little laughs from Albert, who was finding the slinky on Auntie Melody's nose to be quite entertaining. As always happens, he didn't laugh as hard when I started taking the video as he had been, but it's still cute nonetheless. :o)


  1. Our singing group is called "Bold Reflection" (without the s) rather than Bold Reflections. Thanks for posting - it was great having you here!

  2. Hope you all had a good time out here!!!!