Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colorado Pt 1, Travels, Thanksgiving, and Cabin Arrival

Wednesday, November 23rd, we packed both our girls into the van and headed for the airport.
While waiting for our flight, Josh treated us to Starbucks. Upon request he got two cups of water, and the girls knew right what they were for. :o)
Waiting for Grandma to drive up in the big van.
Puzzles in the morning sunshine in Grandma's living room.
Making thanksgiving turkey treats. Love the way Hopey's hair curls when it dries on it's own after a bath.
Trampoline time, and static hair!! Little girls are the best.
Joy joined in the fun.
Thanksgiving dinner with the Morgan family. As supper was finishing Mr. Morgan got into this dialogue with Hope and "the turkeys." Pretty soon all of us were listening and laughing as they "fed" the turkeys, "watered" the turkeys, put bibs on the turkeys, washed the turkeys after they ate and then put the turkeys down for a nap. Hope would use her spoon and "feed" the turkeys from what she was eating. All was good until Hope wanted to feed the turkeys chicken. Mr. Morgan very squeamishly said (he was being the turkeys) "oh, we can't eat chicken, that's a little too close to home." All who were listening about lost it laughing, and soon everyone who hadn't been listening started listening.
After dinner we gathered in the living room to sing together. While everyone was assembling, Hope took a liking to Michael's ipad, so Rachel pulled Hope up onto her lap so she could see the ipad.
A good old hymn sing. Yeah!!!
Upon request and much persuasion, the guys (part of Bold Reflection) did a rendition of "Jamaican Noel" with Joe singing the lead part. Though it was waaaay out of his range, he sure hammed it up and we all were laughing!
Fully entertained. :o)
Friday, all of us Langemanns piled into the vehicles and headed for a cabin in the mountains for a long weekend together.
Christy and Albert were already there when we arrived. It was sooooo good to see the cousins together. :o)
Uncle Joe helping Joy figure out the toy.
Uncle Joe giving Joy a ride on one of the two riding toys.
Matthew teaching the guys a new game.
Storytime with Grandma in the rocking chair in the loft.
Game time on the floor by the fire.
This was our room upstairs. The closets were big enough to put playpens in, and although we didn't leave Hope's in there, it was nice that they could fit. The room was nicely decorated in red plaid and deep green, and I think the quilt was even handmade.

Stay tuned for more pictures.

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