Friday, December 9, 2011

Colorado Pt 7, Happy Birthday Joy

Joy's first birthday came while her Daddy was still away in Ireland. But we still found fun things to do, so here's the day in pictures for all the family that wasn't with us. :o)
We started the day out by going to Auntie Christy's for tea and playtime with cousin Albert.
A double version of "doo-bi-dee-doo."
Albert wasn't into giggling s o much, but Joy sure was.
Watch out folks...
She's on her feet and there's no stopping her now.
Albert loves to wave his arms and legs quite rapidly while lying on the floor. :)
Building towers with Albert's blocks. Joy watches and waits till you have about 5 blocks stacked up and then happily knocks them over. :)
The birthday girl and her sister, hamming it up at the supper table. 

Joy clapped her hands as we finished singing Happy Birthday to her.
Uncle Willi held the Joy-Belle, since Daddy was away.
We didn't have to tell her what to do!

Her very own baby doll, from her big sister Hope.
Joy always wants to play with Hopey's doll, so we thought that would be a good gift for Hope to give Joy. :)
Decided she wanted to sit on Auntie Melody's lap.
"Foam letters!! Yay. These must be for chewing on, right?"
"Tissue paper... YAY!"

Melody gave her this sweet Beatrix Potter set place setting. Sooo pretty!
More cuddles for her dolly. Joy was being so cute that night!

Little multi-tasker!
Thanks for the smiles, Joy!
Joy had fun swinging her Rice Krispie treat around like a drumstick.

These are two short videos of Joy-Belle walking. Not the best, but among the first. :)

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