Thursday, December 22, 2011

Colorado Pt 8, Time to return home

All good things must come to an end, so they say. Here's the pics of our last days in Denver. 
Josh had a very blessed time in Ireland, and returned home to us Thursday evening (Dec 8th.) The girls were happy to have their Daddy back, especially Hope, who ran across the floor with open arms calling out "Daddy, Daddy, you came back!" 
Joy somehow got Amy's purse, and was carrying it around like a big girl out shopping. :)

Around the corner she goes... 
Cuddles with Auntie Mello on our last day in Denver. 

The kids had a Living History Christmas party on Friday night, so we finally got to see them all dressed up in their amazing, homemade costumes. 
 Sir Andrew... I couldn't get over how TALL that outfit made him look. :o) Of course, he is tall, I think the tallest of the bunch, but the outfit accented it greatly. I think it's the long black socks that do it. :o)

 Sir William and Sir Andrew heading down the stairs to see what was detaining Sir Joseph. And... Andrew heading out the door with his supper - two bananas and six mozzarella sticks in his pocket, of which he said he would only eat three and share the rest!
 Joseph the dapper, finally ready to go. :o) (He had just got home from work and had to change quick...)
No this is not a joke, but yes it is hilarious! Mom really was talking on her cell phone and on the house phone at the same time. I think Christy was on one line and one of the kids who had just left was on the other. Cracked all of us up nonetheless.
Walking that eager Albert boy around.
 The girls brought out beads and pipe cleaners the last day we were there, and Hope could not get enough of them! She played and created with them for probably 3 hrs that day.
 Grandma and her girls at the Denver airport. Those are real poinsettias forming that tree and the other tree you see in the background. 
 Trying to get a good shot of Uncle Joe in there too, but Hope was busy sharing her grapes with him so no luck. :o)
 And, this is us, at the end of our wonderful stay in Colorado. Going through security at the airport this time I learned (after the fact) that you no longer have to take off kids shoes. At least not until they're 12. Yay! That's automatically four less items we have to handle. :o)

It was such a blessed time of being together. Having Christmas right around the corner helped the goodbyes to not be as hard. Thank you Lord, for the blessing of family that accepts us and lets us walk alongside them in their journeys! 

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay out here in Colorful CO.!!!!!!