Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colorado Pt 3, Cabin days

We stayed at the cabin through Monday.
Sunday morning we had a time of sharing and singing as a family. So good. The kids were pretty good during it too. Like Joy's expression in this pic; Hopey looks a bit out of it!
Sunday was a nice day outside, so we bundled up the girls and took the riding toys out on the deck. They were watching Grandma doing something by the door.
"Hmmm... what colour is this?"
Around the corner she goes!
Cute kid.
Mom relaxing with a book on the couch.
View from the front deck.
Sunday night Mom planned a special festive meal, and needed lots of helpers to get it ready.
Almost all of us around the table. Just missing Hope in the high chair and me behind the camera. :o)
There's my big girl. :o) (since neither of the babies were using the high chair we thought we might as well let Hope enjoy it since she liked sitting in it!)
Gulp! "Mommy - this sunshine is tooooooo bright!"
A game of Scrabble for the sisters before heading out on Monday aftenoon.
Josh and his girls. He hung around at the cabin to spend some time with his girls while the others hiked, since he would be leaving for Ireland shortly after we got back.
Occupying themselves while the adults packed up.
It was like a miniature move... all the boxes of stuff!
Joy enjoying the wind chimes.
"Oh, what is that on your car seat, Albert?"
So cute - Joy started rocking Albert in his seat!
Most of the fam before we loaded up for the drive home.
Lots of smiles! Yesssss!
Glassy eyes #1.
Glassy eyes #2. Thankfully, they both napped a bit on the drive back to Littleton.
Home again, and Joy was instantly on the move. She pushed that water jug around like nobody's business. And, as you can see, tried to pick it up too!

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